Blogging 101

Some Words Of Gratitude And Acknowledgment

The day six assignment for the Blogging 101: Zero to Hero challenge is to write a post to my dream reader. I’ve taken some liberties with this assignment, and I’ve basically written a post to acknowledge my appreciation for a few of the blogs that I have enjoyed reading.

My dream reader is someone who I can foster mutual reading and writing connections with. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to make connections with other bloggers, and the reciprocal back and forth interchange has been really rewarding. Reading the work of other bloggers makes me realize the connection we all share, regardless of the fact that we are located in different areas of the world and come from different walks of life. Even though what we seek to communicate varies from individual to individual, the thing that does not vary is the idea that we all have passion, a voice, and something that we are trying to communicate.

I started this blogging endeavor with the idea that everybody and their grandmother was blogging and to attract readers meant I had to compete with other bloggers. I’ve reframed my perspective over the past couple of months. An overriding ambition in my studies, in my teaching practice, and in my life in general is to create a space for multiple voices and perspectives to be heard. I see blogging as a perfect forum for this.

My blog recently received a shout out from a boy named Sue in this post. He said some really kind things about my writing that filled with me with a sense of gratitude and pride; more than that though, he made me feel that my voice had been heard and that it mattered.

I wanted to extend this same gratitude to some of the blogs that I have been reading and enjoying. The first three are blogs I have just recently had the pleasure of getting to know during this challenge.

A boy named Sue is one of my new favorites. The humor in his writing is a nice reprieve from the often all-too-consuming seriousness of life; yet, his humor is also laced with larger implications that create the opportunity to reflect more deeply. See this post for an example.

Another new blog that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading is Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.
I find her humorous stories about the trials and tribulations that teachers face hilarious and relatable. See this post for an example.

Looking Glass Mama has some comical and very practical parenting advice to give. Check out this post to read some helpful advice on how to remain out of the line of fire when changing your little one’s diaper.

I want to give one final word of acknowledgment to Mary from Lifeinthedport.
I have been following her blog for a couple of months now, and she always writes high quality posts on a variety of topics. I especially appreciate her inspired, compassionate posts on teaching and learning. She also writes beautifully about the natural world. Check out her amazing work in this post.


A Little About Me And My Goals As A New Blogger

There is nothing more satisfying than shaping and molding words to create personal meaning. I love the gratification that comes with the ability to take something that started as a mere nagging at the corner of my conscience and shape it into an idea that reflects an important theme in my world. Of course with this comes grappling and wrestling with words and ideas, and this requires perseverance. Blogging helps hold me accountable for sticking with my writing and completing pieces that I begin. I wish I was the type of person who was completely internally motivated, but without the accountability that writing for an audience brings, (even if it is just one or two people) I rarely develop my writing beyond journal entries and quickwrites.

I launched my blog Nonlinear Compilations two months ago and have posted ten pieces in that time. Each time I post something that I have stuck with and really worked to shape, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I was unable to achieve through my haphazard journal entries. I need to create to be satisfied in life, and this blog allows me a space to do that.

I’ve grappled with feelings of insecurity and doubt all of my life, and blogging helps challenge me to be vulnerable and to allow my voice to be heard, regardless of my imperfect state.

I’m a parent, partner, teacher, and writer; hence, I write about these topics. The theme of my blog centers on my pursuit to find beauty, and contentment amidst what feels like a chaotic existence of trying to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. To learn more about me click here. I would love to connect with other bloggers and develop mutual blogger/reader relationships. As much as I love to write, I also love to read about the worlds and perspectives of diverse people.

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